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Ho To choose an Online Bingo site

F January 12, 2015
Ho To choose an Online Bingo site

How to choose the best bingo site to play on

With so many bingo sites out there, all competing for your attention and of course your business, it can be hard to know where to start looking. With that in mind, we've put together a few tips on what to look out for before you commit and to help you find great bingo sites to enjoy.

Prizes and promotions 

Obviously, the biggest reason to play bingo in the first place is the chance to win great prizes, so make sure any site you are considering is offering prizes worth winning!
The site and its security
Does the site you're considering look to be above board and legitimate? Are they licensed? Is it a stand-alone site or part of a bigger network? All reputable bingo sites are fully licensed and regulated, any that aren't should be immediately avoided. Also, be sure to investigate the site in terms of security. Research what personal information they store, how it is used and so on. Sadly, not all bingo sites out there are legitimate, so make sure you do your homework before you part with any hard earned cash. From a technical point of view, the site should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You should also consider if you want to play bingo games 'on the go' on a mobile phone or tablet. Not all sites offer that option, so if it's important to you, find out before you sign up.


The best measure of a site's reputation is what other users have to say about it. Get involved with forums and chat rooms, speak to other online bingo players and see which sites everyone is talking about. If a site already has plenty of satisfied customers shouting about how much they love it, chances are it's worth checking out.
The games 

Obviously, you'll only want to sign up to sites with games that appeal to you personally, and this can differ from person to person. Some players are only interested in simple, straightforward bingo games; others enjoy the addition of speed games, or add-ons such as scratch cards and virtual slot machines. Have a good look around the site before you sign up and make sure you're happy with what's available.

The social side 

For many players, half the fun of playing bingo online is the social side of things: chatting to other users while you play. If this sounds like you, then make sure the site you're considering supports social interaction between players before signing up, as not all sites do.
Personal preference 

Ultimately, the best bingo site for you comes down to personal choice. So long as you have made sure the site is reputable, registered and licensed, then there's no harm trying out a few different sites while you pin down your favourite. Sign up and play on a few sites from your shortlist and you'll soon discover which one offers the most fun and value for money, based on your own personal preferences. Have fun finding the best bingo site for you!

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