Celebrity full house

F January 12, 2015
Celebrity full house

Bingo is officially cool.

It's been around for a long time. Records show it was being played back as far as the 1530s. It's part of the very fabric of Britain. But for the longest time, and I think even us Bingo lovers can admit, it was considered somewhat unfashionable. Even something to be joked about or played just for a laugh at Christmas. Not anymore though, with the emergence of online bingo its popularity has skyrocketed and its place in pop culture has changed.

The influence of celebrity has had a hand in this change. Not only do celebs attach their names to the game for advertising purposes, but maAnnounce that you love bingo - ny play, love and rate the bingo games across the web. We're not talking some C-list Big Brother type either, we mean big stars, the cool, the trend setters.

Starting with none other that Robbie Williams, the pop star frequently espouses his love for the game and has been involved in charity games.

Big Hollywood stars are fans too. Russell Crowe not only enjoys to play, he used to be a bingo caller. Sources say that he was fired due to some 'unorthodox' calling phrases he used. However, he has confessed he still likes to have a game to this day.

If music and film stars weren't enough to convince you of Bingo's new status, we have an answer for you. Prince William and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth have said that they enjoy the odd game; whether this means a family game at Christmas, or that they both log in to various online UK bingo games on a Saturday night, we can't be sure. But their endorsement can only have done a service to the game's reputation.

So announce your love of Bingo with pride, be it online, at home or in a hall, it is officially cool. You know it, the stars know it, even the Royal Family knows it. So have fun and enjoy the best bingo games out there. You might even be beating royalty to a full house.

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