Bride-to-be bingo!

F September 19, 2016
Bride-to-be bingo!

When it comes to organising a hen party, you already know what you're up against. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to ensure the hens (and bride-to-be) have the night of their lives, that everyone gets along (making sure that nobody gets left out of the gang) and that the bride-to-be can thoroughly de-stress after all the challenging wedding organising she's been doing. You want to make sure there are enough laughs that everyone gets a great abs workout and that it's a brilliantly memorable night for all the right reasons. But choosing hen events is difficult, especially if you've got a group of ladies that all know the bride-to-be really well but not each other.

Bride bingo is a brilliant way of bringing everyone together and breaking the ice. Not everyone knows how to play bingo so a little team building is in order - perfect for getting people chatting and laughing before you've even uncorked the wine! Online bingo sites have some hilarious ideas that'll leave your hens clucking happily long into the night.

If you choose to start your hen party at an actual bingo hall, there are thousands of helpful UK bingo comparison sites to help you compare bingo games and to find the right one for your group of girlies. Not only is it a brilliant way to start the evening off with some much needed giggles but if one (or all) of you win a little bit of cash, you'll have extra in the budget for a bonus bit of bubbly!

If you prefer to organise your own wacky version of bingo (either online or at the hen venue) then there are tons of great ideas online. Whether you want something a bit cheeky like 'willy bingo' (we dread to think what that entails), prefer to keep it clean with a round of 'who knows the bride best bingo', or want to play the incredibly popular 'rock & roll bingo', there really are enough bonkers bingo ideas to suit everyone.

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