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'Bingo lingo' - then and now

F November 30, -1
Bingo lingo then and now
The bingo world has a language all of its own - we like to call it 'bingo lingo' - and it goes back to the earliest days of the game.
Bingo callers would liven up proceedings by using rhymes or descriptions of each number as they called it out, and many of these have made it into our everyday lives.
There's the politically incorrect 'two fat ladies' to describe the shape of the number 88, which then became the title of a BBC2 cookery show featuring Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson-Wright.
'Legs eleven' is another descriptive term, for obvious reasons when you look at the number 11 - and it's unusual in that the number itself forms part of the call.
Other classic bingo calls were based on rhymes rather than descriptions, such as 'Dirty Gertie' for number 30, while the round numbers are still often called 'blind' due to the eye-shaped zero they contain.
When you play bingo online, there's a whole new kind of bingo lingo to learn, and it might take you by surprise when you first join an online bingo chat room and see everyone apparently talking in code.
The letters 'TG' are hugely important in online bingo lingo, and they stand for 'to go'. You'll see '3TG' and '2TG' as people get down to the last three or two numbers on their bingo card - although some might be too excited to type '1TG' if they get that far!
When somebody wins, you'll often see the other players in the room say 'WTG', which stands for 'Way to go!' (online bingo is a very friendly game, after all).
'GL' at the start of a new game is a way to wish everybody 'good luck', and you'll see all the usual chat room shortcuts like LOL and BRB too.

Back in the early days, bingo lingo livened things up - but some of those early calls have all but died out as the game has got faster, leaving less time for calls between balls.

Nowadays there's a new kind of language to online bingo, and those shortcuts are a way to keep the chat moving while keeping up with the speed and excitement of the game being played.

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