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Bingo is good for your health

F January 12, 2015
Bingo is good for your health

The popularity of UK bingo has soared in the last few years and is showing no signs of stopping. From online bingo to a weekly visit to our favourite bingo event, let’s face it, we just love the game! However, as well as being a lot of fun, did you know that when you play bingo it’s actually good for your health?

Medical studies have shown that playing games can be good for our brain, as they can improve our ability to recall information and it seems that playing bingo is particularly beneficial. So aside from being a lot of fun, what does bingo do for our health? - Improves our reflexes and memory A good game of online bingo can help sharpen our thinking and improve our memory. Medical studies have concluded that older people who play bingo remember things a whole lot better than non-players. - Improves our coordination and concentration When we play bingo we are actively increasing our coordination and concentration skills. Watch any bingo player and you will see how good they are at monitoring multiple cards, while simultaneously listening to the caller. Amazing! - Reduces our stress levels It’s no surprise that when we play bingo, the pleasure we get from playing allows us to forget our troubles for a while, helping to alleviate our levels of stress in the process. - Improves our self-esteem When we shout “House!” we all know the feeling is amazing. Well it turns out that when we win, we’re building our confidence and therefore our self-esteem. Don’t you feel good about yourself when you’ve got those winning numbers? - Getting social Of course the social element to our beloved game is one of the best reasons for playing. As well as being another way to relieve stress, it’s a good opportunity to play bingo games with like-minded people, be it down at your bingo hall with your friends or with other online bingo players in the UK. So the next time you feel like a game of bingo just ask your friends: "who wants a good mental workout then?"

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