Bingo and the arts

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bigbingo elephant vintage circus poster

As a popular traditional game that has entertained generations of players both here and abroad, it’s little surprise that bingo has attracted more than its fair share of attention. What may be less well-known is that over the years, bingo has become an intriguing subject for a number of genres that are not usually associated with the game. Prominent artists, theatre performers and even historians are captivated by the magic of bingo, transforming it into an appealing art form through their skill and talent. Find out below some exciting opportunities to enjoy the work of painters, actors and architects, all with a bingo theme.

Bingo in painting

From “Flamingo playing bingo” by Ernest Socolov to David Redfern’s “Et in Arcadia, Bingo”, there are several prominent pictures that feature bingo as the subject matter. If you’re a keen bingo player, or know someone who is, a print of one of these iconic works would make an ideal present.

Bingo at the theatre

ida barr bingo - arts and bingoBingo is hitting the boards in a number of different theatre productions. For a great bingo themed performance that is certain to appeal to anyone that’s ever enjoyed a game or two, why not take a look at “Ida Barr Bingo” – an engaging mix of music and bingo know-how?

Bingo architecture

Many contemporary bingo halls were previously cinemas, changing use in the 1950s and 60s as consumer tastes altered and gaming laws were relaxed. Buildings such as the Mecca on Hackney Road (in London) and the Hull Astoria are historically important and provide a glimpse of how entertainment habits and preferences have changed through the years

There are many more examples of bingo-related artistic endeavours that can be enjoyed across the country in much the same way as the game itself. If you’re bingo mad, taking the opportunity to see how others portray the game can be almost as much fun as actually playing. Why not devote some time to finding out what other bingo-themed art is out there - whether it's on the screen, in an art gallery or on stage?


flamingo playing bingo by ernest socolov
the hull astoria - bingo hall
Mecca Bingo Hackney Rd

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