Baby Shower Bingo

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Baby Shower Bingo Game Idea

As you may have guessed by now, we’re nuts for all things bingo, and love any excuse to squeeze an extra game into our day! Bingo is tons of fun for everyone, and also makes a fantastic ice-breaker at a party or event. Bingo comes in all shapes and sizes (we’re rather fond of all of them) so how about getting creative and throwing your friend a bingo-themed baby shower? Here are some ideas for things to include on your own DIY boards.

Gift-guessing the bingo board

How about creating a board full of prospective gifts? You can hand out empty or partially-filled bingo cards and get fellow guests to fill in the squares with the gifts they think the mum-to-be will most likely receive. An extra special prize for the most obscure - but correct - gift guess!

Predictable Bingo phrases

Whether it’s a moan about the lack of sleep and aching bones, or a quick hint at some baby names, ask guests to fill in their squares with topics they think will arise over the course of the shower. The mum-to-be might not find it so funny when people correctly predict her grumblings though… yikes!

The name game

Ask the future mummy to write a list of her favourite baby names in secret and then have all of the guests fill their squares with what they feel are the most likely options. Perhaps it would be best to steer clear of the Tarquins and Rosalyns and opt for some trusty favourites, unless you know the mum-to-be pretty well! You might even find that the game inspires some new names!

Test your pop culture knowledge

Create a list of the top ten most famous babies of 2017 and then ask fellow players to fill their grid with their own guesses. Read aloud your final selection and see who knows their North West from their Princess Charlotte. Somebody pass us a copy of Heat sharpish!Getting your bingo fix is easy when you’re surrounded by friends, and it can be heaps of fun and a great way to get the party started. If, however, you just fancy a cheeky game on your lunch break, head to for a fantastic directory of all the hottest games. Happy bingoing!

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