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An Introduction to A Words Used in Bingo

G February 17, 2016
An Introduction to A Words Used in Bingo

The game itself is simple and fun but for those who immerse themselves in it on the best bingo sites there is a wealth of fun bingo words to learn. It can seem a bit overwhelming to a newbie but as more new bingo sites pop up and the trend of playing online bingo grows so does the amount of people who want to embrace bingo lingo.

The basis of bingo lingo is a combination of rhyming slang, shapes and famous numbers in general, so when trying to learn it bear that in mind. Starting with the A words of bingo lingo a crutch and a duck if you look at the shapes of the number 72 is what this is. To help your point of reference a duck and a crutch is 27. Although that may lead a newbie to believe that all of the seventies are going to be a crutch and something this is not the case as many of them come from rhyming slang.


With such a lot of history in bingo halls these words used by some bingo players still today whether on the new bingo sites or in some select halls even have more variations. For example out of the A words used in bingo some of the easier ones to appreciate are those that start with the word All.

For example all the eights-this is one of the easier ones to guess and this number is 88, which is popularly known also as two fat ladies or alternatively wobbly, wobbly. Along the same lines there are all the twos, all the threes, all the fours, all the fives, all the sixes and all the sevens. Other numbers that are easier to understand on the bingo sites and in the halls are at the beginning which is the number 1 and some people may understand a meal for two, the number 69.

However there are the more rhyming based words such as ask for more which is the number 34 or at the gate which is the number 8. As bingo halls became more commercialised this type of lingo started to get speeded up but there is a revival on the web and apart from these traditional calls there are words which refer to patterns and online games. Airplane for example is a pattern formed on a bingo card, as is alpine which refers to when the numbers are in the shape of an alpine skier on your card.

In a chat room you may come across the term Alpha Buddies. This is a game which is played in chat rooms and is run by a chat monitor. If the winner of a bingo game starts with the same letter as your screen name you then win the Alpha Buddies chat game. So just touching on some of the words which start with the letter A gives you an introduction to the concept of the offline and online bingo world potential. Some people just enjoy the game on the new bingo sites or in the halls without getting involved in the lingo, but some prefer to have the fun of the language that traditionally goes with it.

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