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A funny thing happened at the bingo...

F September 19, 2016
A funny thing happened at the bingo...

In the days before online bingo swept the nation, some weird and wonderful things happened at local bingo games across the UK. Read on to find out how one player's bingo bonus had four legs and a bell.

Weirdest bingo prize ever

Many years ago, a small rural pub held a bingo night in aid of worthy causes and local residents donated prizes, including a portable television and other electrical items. One smartly-clad business woman, stopping off at the pub merely for a bite to eat on her way home from a business meeting, was persuaded to try her hand at bingo. Fate played a hand when the lady, a city-dweller, won the star prize of a milking cow. Sadly, she had to return her prize, as the likelihood of fitting a cow in her hatchback was slim.

Welcome to the inferno

When one young couple heard their local bingo hall was hosting a themed charity fundraising night, entitled The Inferno, they hired elaborate costumes as matching "sexy little devils". But they soon realised no-one else was in fancy dress. In fact, the theme referred to the venue being decked out as an exotic tropical paradise. After an evening's embarrassment, resplendent in tight red Lycra jumpsuits, they were rewarded with a free meal from the management, impressed by the way they had entered into the spirit of things.

The boy who cried "bingo"

One young man, playing for the first time, thought it funny to shout "bingo" even when he hadn't won, disrupting the game for other players for several minutes until it was realised he had deliberately made a false claim. When he refused to apologise, he received a barrage of verbal abuse from irate players, leading to an affray. His conduct led to his being charged with breach of the peace and banned from bingo halls for six months.

Risqué bingo event cancelled

A "Dirty Bingo Night", planned as Valentine's Day entertainment for students, offering risqué prizes, was scrapped after public backlash, leaving organisers hundreds of pounds out of pocket when they were left with prizes such as saucy books and condoms.

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