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5 habits every bingo player develops

F April 20, 2015
5 habits every bingo player develops

Whether you prefer the free bonuses of online bingo, or the atmosphere of a bingo hall, the chances are that you’ve developed a few habits. You might not even be aware that you have them, although you’ve almost certainly noticed that other people do! These are the five habits we think every bingo aficionado develops:

1. Lucky charms

When you’re at the top, you’ll do anything to stay there. Lucky underwear? Drinking coffee with a splash of milk (and exactly two sugars)? Your black pen everybody seems to want to ‘borrow’? Anything can become a lucky charm, but every bingo player knows that whatever it is, you don’t change it. Until it stops being lucky that is…

2. Twiddling thumbs

The number is drawn, but you know it’s not on your card. There’s now a space of a few seconds when you have literally nothing to do. Some people take a sip of their drink, others twiddle their thumbs. Next time you’re in this situation, take a second to see what your habits are.

3. Win big, go shopping

You’ve just won big, what’s your first thought? For most of us it’s ‘let’s go shopping!’ You needed some new shoes anyway, so this is just the universe letting you know it’s time. The universe may think so, but you still have to let your other half know!

4. Wrong website

Some websites just aren’t lucky for you. In fact, you’re sure they have some kind of bingo vendetta against you. It’s happened to all of us, but there is one simple solution: just sign up for a new one. With great sign up bonuses, there’s no reason not to – just make sure you sign into the correct one next time.

5. Just one more game

Eventually you’ll win, that’s just statistics. If you’re enjoying the games, but losing, think of the feeling when you win! We’re all guilty of playing that extra game, even when you really should have stopped. Bingo is a game though, so if you’re enjoying it, there’s no reason not to try your luck and have just one more go!

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