Bingo 75 Ball Rules

November 30, 2015
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Bingo 75 Ball Rules

How To play bingo 75

Bingo 75 is a lottery type game which originated from the street of New Orleans in the early 1920s (more about on this in our bingo history section). The prizes are funded by the number of players involved in the bingo game. Bingo 75 balls is mainly played in the USA however the game is increasingly becoming popular in Europe and in the UK. The aimed of the game is to match the numbers drawn (from 1 to 90) with those on the bingo cards you purchased, and complete 1 to 2 or 3 horizontal lines before anyone else. There can be as little as one player or as many as several thousands. The more players the bigger the prizes. The less players the bigger the chances you have to win the prizes. Below are a gallery of 4 various Bingo 75 games. Click on the images to enlarge:

Bingo 75 Cards

75 ball bingo cards have 25 spaces, arranged in five vertical and five horizontal rows. Each of the 25 squares on the 75 ball bingo card (except for the center square) contains a number between 1 and 75. The center square is marked as a free space. At the top of these vertical columns are the letters B, I, N, G, and O. Contained below each of these letters are vertical rows with five numbers from the following groups: between 1-15 in the B column, 16-30 in the I column, 31-45 in the N column, 46-60 in the G column, and 61-75 in the O column. The highest number used in 75 ball bingo is, of course, 75.

Below are 4 bingo 75 tickets examples. Click on the images to enlarge:

To purchase a bingo 75 card, you can either click on the ticket itself or click on the "purchase buttons" or "buy your tieckts"(the button label may differ from one operator to the next!). Once you have selected the bingo cards you wish to purchase, you will prompted to confirm your purchase. Once your card(s) are bought, sit back, relax and wait for the bingo game to begin. Price of each bingo card or bingo ticket may largely vary from one bingo game to the next. .

Bingo 75 Board and Patterns

75 ball bingo shares a similar call board to that of its 90 ball bingo cousin, with a few slight alterations. The 75 ball bingo call board contains 5 rows of 15 numbers, for a total of 75 possible numbers. Bingo 75 prize board comes in severl patterns which vary from one bingo game to the next. The 25-square design lends itself to numerous fun possibilities for an endless number of patterns

How to win at 75 balls Bingo

75 ball bingo is won when a player has completed the designated pattern for that game. Most traditional 75 ball bingo games are played with a 5-in-a-row pattern, meaning that the first player to get a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line on their bingo card wins. But as we have seen, 75 balls bingo has been expanded to include various fun patterns, including “coverall” or “blackout” patterns, which have added to the popularity of the game). .

Where to play Bingo 75 

Most bingo operators have bingo 75. At i-love-bingo, we display a round icon which contains the number 75 next to each bingo site who offer this online bingo 75 game version. Click here to go to our Best Bingo Sites chart to choose a bingo site and play this exciting bingo 75 game.



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