Tips For Choosing Online Bingo Jackpot Games

Online bingo is fun, and has good prizes, but if you want a chance at the big prizes then playing the jackpot games could be for you. All (as far as I can tell) online bingo rooms offer jackpot bingo games, and usually offer a nice range of types of jackpot and prizepools. In this article we examine the types of jackpots, how the jackpot is won and a brief look at some of the things you might want to consider when choosing an online bingo jackpot game to play.

There are a few types of jackpot - the classic jackpot bingo game is the 'progressive jackpot' where the jackpot is only rarely won, but the prize pool grows if it isn't won. A small amount of the money paid for the bingo tickets is put aside for the progressive jackpot pool. This means that the prize pool can get very large indeed - and if the bingo room is part of a network which has 'networked progressives' the large number of people playing these games can mean a very big possible jackpot prize. Other (usually smaller prizepools) jackpots are 'guaranteed jackpots' where the bingo room guarantees a minimum payout for the prize - they add some money so this can be good value, but of course the idea is to try and attract players and get their money back. Sometimes the 'jackpot' is just a bigger main prize won each time the game is run, so it is like an added-money regular bingo game. Otherwise similar conditions to winning the jackpot apply as for progressive jackpots.

The conditions for winning a jackpot game are usually to get to the jackpot pattern in 75 ball or 80 ball bingo - which can be a coverall, or a full house in 90 ball bingo. However, the important thing (and that which makes the jackpots rare!) is that you have to do it within a certain number of calls or fewer. The winning call number is set by the bingo room and is low enough so that the jackpot is won rarely - thus allowing progressives, for instance, to build up nicely to a big prize. Do keep an eye on the jackpot prize winning conditions, so you know how close you are as you play!

When choosing an online bingo jackpot game you have to consider the cost of the cards (tickets) and how many you can buy - obviously the more expensive the cards the bigger you want the jackpot prize to be. Also the more cards you can buy the bigger the chance of winning but you have to spend extra money getting the cards, so it is a balance. The number of people playing the game can affect your chances of winning, in the case of a special game where the jackpot is won every time as you have a better chance of winning the game if there are only a few people playing. Networked progressives are the ones to go for for the really big prizes, but of course the conditions for winning those are set so it is hard to win them - on the other hand the jackpots for the big networked progressives can be really big!

 Playing jackpot bingo games is a great way of having fun playing bingo but with that chance of a big prize - so keep an eye out for good jackpot games to play at your favourite bingo rooms. Maybe even have a look round at what some of the other rooms offer in the way of big jackpot bingo prizes.

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