£20,000 GUARANTEED BINGO JACKPOT TONIGHT Friday 6th November 2009 at Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo will be running a whopping £20,000 guaranteed Jackpot game for only 2p, tonight Friday 6th November 2009!!

The game takes place at 9.30pm in the Value and Premium Room and looks to be the UK’s largest guaranteed jackpot for such a low price ticket.
The jackpot is guaranteed at £20,000 and is split as £2,000 line, £3,000 line 2 and £15,000 Full House.

A recent survey recently suggested that a £5.9million worth of pennies lie under peoples sofas! Lift your chairs, settes, search your car, your pockets for those 2p coins and you could be £20,000 richer by the end of the night! Tickets are available to purchase before hand in the Sky Bingo Lobby and so you can pre-buy your tickets and don’t even have to be inthe room to win the Jackpot!!!

Players can purchase a maximum of 72 tickets.

What are you waiting for, let those lost pennies give you a chance to win a huge £15000 guaranteed Bingo Full house Jackpot!
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