Little Big Bingo Gives You Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots Plus Lots Of Great Slots 24th May 2010

The magic of Little Big Bingo is that you can play bingo for really small stakes but still play for guaranteed jackpots.  Check out the Penny Power Special where you can pay 1 pence and have the chance of winning the £1000 jackpot.  You can pre-buy your tickets for this bingo game which happens every Friday night at 9pm. Enjoy a whole new atmosphere at Little Big Bingo with its various slot games guaranteed to give you great prizes. First stop is the Pirates Gold Multiplier, have a chance to win a whopping £25,000 in jackpot prize and with its multiplier feature prizes won can be multiplied up to 5 times. For farm enthusiasts the Old Mcdonald Multiplier is for you complete with cows, sheep and pigs the Old McDonald Multiplier gives you a multiplier system by increasing your winnings 5 times just by rounding up the animals and getting three in a row for a jackpot line. Fond of the slot classic then you’ll enjoy the Monkey Paradise complete with a jungle theme and swinging monkeys; win the jungle bonus and increase your winnings up to 200 times. Ready for that Harry Potter theme then proceed to the wizards lab and play the Lucky Spell Slot and if you succeed in mixing up a lucky spell potion you get a lucky a prize. Enjoy this slot game and increase your winnings up to 50 times your bet. Other great slot games from Little Big Bingo include: Fruit Machine Multiplier and Fruit Machine Deluxe. There are lots of fun reasons to play bingo at Little Big Bingo now.