Gala Bingo Win Will Help Re-Unite Family 26th March 2010

A lucky Merseyside lady won about £29,000 playing online bingo at Gala Bingo it has been revealed. The lady who wishes to remain anonymous has not seen her daughter who lives in New Zealand for five years says that her winnings are a dream come true for her.  Most people would be delighted with these winnings but in her case this means her family can be re-united. Her Gala Bingo winnings mean that she will be able to see her beautiful grandchildren for the second time.  Imagine that earlier on the evening of her win she had been feeling lucky as she had won £3 but little did she know that she was going to go on to win the Cash Climber Jackpot of £28,840.29. The winning grandmother said she jumped up and shouted for her son as she couldn’t believe her eyes, she thought it must have said 28, not 28,000.   Gala Online PR manager, Lesley Hall, said: “We are absolutely delighted to hear from the family who became one of our 500,000 winners per month. We pay out over £65 million a year and it’s always lovely to hear stories about how winning on the site can make a difference to people’s lives. We hope the family really enjoys their trip to New Zealand this Easter.” If you sign up to Gala Bingo today you will get £20 worth of free plays!