Different paths can lead the way to the fruitful land of online bingo.

Your first path toward a game of online bingo will probably come from a TV advert. One evening you may be sitting, eating your dinner on your lap and thinking about what you are going to do tonight once the kids are tucked up in bed. You may be thinking about having a bath, doing the ironing, playing Farmville on Facebook, or watching a movie. At this point an advert may pop up on TV and you marvel at the happy cheering women who are having a fabulous time playing online bingo. Wanting to be just like them you may type the name of the bingo site that you have just seen advertised into Google, click on the link and then, hey presto you arrive at the site, register and off you go.

Now, before you go off into a land of fun time, chatting online and the possibility of winning cruises, bottles of champers and pots of money, just stop and think for a moment. How do you know that the bingo site is safe? How do you know it is suited to you? Do you know anything about it at all? Adverts can sometimes be deceiving.

There are hundreds of online bingo sites, I mean literally hundreds and that is just bingo in the UK.

A really good way to find out about online bingo is to try a bingo comparison website and see what they have to say about which sites may suit you and which have the best bingo bonuses for newbies. I-love-bingo.co.uk are a website that are committed to finding out about all the bingo sites that are operating in the UK.  They have a really good nose around what is on offer and then they write about them in their blogs and their articles. This site is said to have the largest online bingo database around and it has been said that they are a sort of British Library of online bingo! There are A-Z lists, articles, news, reviews, promotions and whole pages dedicated to new bingo sites.

Before you start playing online bingo, check out what was on offer before you start to play and then you could play happily ever af