Didi1000 Won £3,139.19 Yesterday At Kiss My Bingo 20th May 2010

Yesterday at Kiss My Bingo Didi1000 won £3,139.19 and was followed by lots of other winners just yesterday winning amounts between £1000 and £1650.  It could be you and there’s lot of great promotions happening there. Heading out for that bingo fever you don’t have to leave that comfortable chair of yours and play bingo online and see the various promotions up for grabs at Kiss My Bingo. Up for a fair chance of winning then you can head up to the Pennies in Heaven room and play All’s Fair every evening 8-9pm. Prizes are equal in everyone as 12 cards are maximum obtainable cards. Enjoying the life in the fast lane then the Bingo-Tastic room is where you’re headed with the Fast Lane speed bingo sessions. It begins 7-8pm seven days a week.  Wednesday gives you the Wednesday pre purchase where you could win great prizes such as a 32 inch LCD TV to a £300 Trolley Dash. Big jackpot prizes are at stake between 1-2pm at the Luwly Jubbly room with its 1TG and 2TG sessions one or two numbers away still gives you prizes and a shot at the jackpot prize. Everybody is a winner Kiss My Bingo guaranteed jackpot gives out a whopping £10,000 cash prize every week. Just by joining the pre-purchase games you get the chance to advance and buy cards for top prizes and grand cash jackpots. If it is your first time and you deposit £10 you will get £30 FREE at Kiss My Bingo