Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for when choosing a bingo site?

As there are so many bingo sites available making a choice should be guided by sourcing the most user friendly formats, the registration process should be straightforward and the navigation of the site should also be easy.
On top of this you can see which site has the promotions that suit you best, and other aspects such as good chat rooms, nice visuals and fun elements.

What do I need to do once I have found a bingo site that I like?

The next step once you have located a site that you like is to register.

How do I register?

1. Registering should be straightforward. Normally you will see a button which says Sign Up or Register.
2. Before doing so check the url which you will see at the left hand top of the page, and this should start like this: https://
3. You should also see a small padlock shape, and this all means that the site is fully secure and your details are only being accessed by the bingo operator.
4. Next you should complete the online form.
5. Be sure to keep your username, password and alias safe.
6. Next you click on the submit button.
7. You will then see a page which allows you to modify your profile as well as add funds, and sometimes some other options.

How do I deposit money?

If you decide to play for real money then you will need to deposit some money into the account. There are many sites which offer some kind of a sign up bonus when you deposit, so do check to see that you are getting the best.

1. The first thing is to look for either a “My Account” button or a “Cashier” button.
2. Then you will be given the choice to either “Fund Account” or “Add Funds” so choose this.
3. Before depositing if you have not already checked, please make sure that the url starts like this, you can see it in your browser at the top of the page: https://
4. Assuming it does then next choose your payment option which will normally be on a drop down menu.
5. You will see a request for your details, so next enter them.
6. Choose submit to send your details.
7. Next you will need to choose the amount of your deposit, and it is good to remember to make the best of this first time, as some sites even match up to as much as £100.
8. Again submit these once you have chosen.
9. If this has all gone correctly a screen will tell you so, if there are some details missing or incorrect it will also highlight this to you.
10. Now you can click on “Play Now” or “Play Games”.
11. If by accident you leave the site you will need to login again.
12. This process can be repeated whenever you wish to deposit more funds.

What happens when I click on Play Now or Play Games?

Once you click on this option, you will have the choices of different types of bingo games and clubs.

Bingo 90 – which is mainly played in the UK ( How to play bingo 90)
Bingo 75 – which is mainly played in the USA ( How to play bingo 75)
Bingo 80 – which is Shutter Board ( How to play bingo 80)

What kind of depositing options are available to me?

The reputable bingo sites normally have a good range of depositing options available to you, such as Visa/Mastercard, Solo, Maestro, Switch, Moneybookers, Ukash, ClickandBuy etc.

How will I get paid if I win?

Especially if you are new to online bingo one of the first questions will be what happens if you win, how will you receive your winnings. Bingo sites should make it clear to players how often that they process withdrawal requests, which in some cases can be two times per week. The amount of your winnings will normally be entered into your account immediately after a confirmed bingo, and then you should be able to make a withdrawal request when you wish. These requests will then be confirmed, approved and processed and sent to you by whichever method you select.

If the withdrawal is over a certain amount, in some cases, £1000 it must be accompanied by a picture and quote from the player.

Is there a limit to how much I can play, withdraw or deposit?

The majority of good bingo sites will allow you to play as much or as little as you like. They will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Many will have a minimum deposit level, this is often around £10. Some may also limit new players to a certain amount of a daily maximum, perhaps around £300. However if you do wish to increase this you can make a request via the support team.

What happens if my internet connection goes while I am playing?

Reputable bingo sites should have this occurrence covered. If this happens in a game where you have already purchased bingo cards for a reason like this, your cards will continue to play as if you are still logged into the game. This means that f your ticket wins you will get your winnings. When you are back online you can log back in and will be able to check your account history and see if you won.

How secure are these bingo sites?

Many bingo sites are very well thought out and it shows when you decide to put your mind at rest and check the security measures that the site has in place. Some points to look out for are how advanced their encryption technology is so that you can feel that your personal and credit card information will be securely private and confidential. Also the bingo site should have firewall protection which will ensure that both your information and their games are secure. You should also check that they do not store your credit card information on a database.

Who is behind the bingo site?

Before registering on a new bingo site you should be able to easily find a background as to whom is behind the site. If this is not available to you then you should think twice about registering.

How am I protected as an online bingo player?

There is a commission regulating the industry who does thorough checks on entities looking for licenses to operate. These include their source of funding and an analysis of the people who will benefit financially within the entity. The commission has some recommendations for players to follow.

What do the commission recommend players to do?

They recommend that you should see the symbol more than likely a logo, of the regulator and their jurisdiction on the website. You should read the full terms and conditions before playing. Also ensure that the site has a secure payment system. Finally the site should also have proper customer service contact information.

What happens if I feel unfairly treated?

If you feel something unfair or incorrect has happened, you should firstly communicate in writing, e-mail is sufficient, to the website in question. If however you do not feel satisfied with the outcome you can then contact the AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) who will firstly acknowledge your complaint and then resolve it for you. If for some reason you are still not satisfied then you have an appeals process to follow.

How can I feel safe that none of my children can spend money on the bingo sites?

You can rest assured that there are good measures in place to avoid this happening. The current regulations and safeguards are tight and effective. There are heavy penalties for the website operators if they are seen to intentionally allow a minor to gamble.

However before this stage there tracking tools available which can help dramatically minimise minors taking part in online bingo. These have become a prerequisite to join an online bingo site, and these are based on the assumption that the minor will not have his own card or enough access to someone else's credit card.

There is also an adult check program which issues adult passwords. So you can join such a program for a small fee, then having your information verified normally via the credit card and be issued with an adult password. There are an increasing number of gambling sites who participate in this program.

What happens if somehow a teenager or child did get access to my credit card?

In this instance where the minor has slipped through the net, they still have to provide adults identification to collect their payment and this will prove difficult.

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