Bingo-An Old Game Learning New Tricks 12th April

For us online bingo players it is not a surprise to hear that bingo is an old game learning new tricks.  In a time where staying in is the new going out online bingo is an important form of entertainment for people of all ages (from over 18 of course!).  But even an avid online bingo player may not be aware of what other new tricks the old dog bingo is learning. Challenging economic times have fueled a revival of bingo but it has learnt new tricks by fitting into some surprising places.  Put it this way, there was one drag queen in a Florida club who said: “We used to think they came to see us and then bingo was an added extra.  Now I think they come for bingo.” What used to be for church basements and smoky bingo halls is now becoming trendy in club environments.  One club owner at South Beach said: “I’ve seen a lot of new customers who’ve never played bingo before.  It’s something different, it’s affordable.”  One of these newly devoted bingo players who is a mathematics teacher says she now dreams of numbers, not a man!  She had just spent 16 dollars and won 100 dollars.   The Seminole Tribe of Florida, who is the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty, built a single bingo hall decades ago which has since turned into a billion dollar Indian gaming industry.  Max Osceola, a Seminole leader, says that bingo is hugely important to the tribe.  It was probably the beginning of their journey to go from being dependent to independent.   This tribe today has some fabulous gaming facilities, one of which is the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida.  It is in a breathtaking location and features lavish cascading fountains, a huge 90,000 square foot casino and sky-lit restaurants and bars.  Another Seminole gaming facility is the Seminole Bingo and Gaming Casino, Brighton (U.S.A) which offers High Stakes Bingo, Video Gaming Machines, Low Stakes Poker and is open 6 days a week.  Their Coconut Creek Casino is open 24 hours a day seven days a week! As the old dog bingo continues to learn new and surprising tricks so does the online bingo industry continue to evolve.  There are so many promotions to choose from on numerous bingo sites.  You can win everything from a Bingo Cruise around the Caribbean to a selection of your favourite kitchen gadgets to a flatscreen TV to a holiday worth £500 …and the list goes on, of course including many varied jackpots. Fancy trying your luck today then one bingo site to check out is Sparkling Bingo where you can have fun playing, deposit and get up to £100 FREE and win some cash or prizes.
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