Gamesys unethical changes to affiliates terms and conditions

March 25, 2019
Gamesys unethical changes to affiliates terms and conditions

Gamesys have, once again, decided to change their terms and conditions to the detriment of all their partners and affiliates. Not only the changes are truly unethical and outrageous but the method they used to force their new T&Cs to affiliates is simply shocking.

On 30th October 2018, Gamesys simply added an interstitial page stopping affiliates to access their monthly statistics and claiming their commissions and subsequently forcing them to agree with highly toxic and detrimental terms and conditions whereby, affiliates effectively lose any kind of (or little) protection they ever had with their revenues. Below we have uploaded the message displayed on the page, the new terms and conditions and a screenshot of the page as seen when logging in to their system to check our stats and monthly commission. We would also like to stress that Gamesys decided to upload this page at the end of the current month when affiliates claim their commission for the month.

This is truly disgraceful and disrespectful considering that partners and affiliates have contributed to their successes by working hard in bringing them clients and players for over 10 years as we have done at This is particularly poor knowing that affiliates join the programs with a completly different set of rules where Gamesys promised revenue share for the lifetime of any players generated and brought to them.

Gamesys own and run Jackpotjoy, Botemania, canal bingo and they are the software and network providers for Virgin Games and Heart Bingo


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