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about-us-ilovebingo co ukThe ancestor of i-love-bingo.co.uk, i-lovebingo.co.uk was first developed in August 2008 and continues evolving on a daily basis. In 2011, we took the decision to develop a brand new site to better the experience we provide on i-lovebingo.co.uk. After almost 2 years of development, researches and hard work, we are now pleased to present what we believe is the most detailed online bingo resource site available on the market today.

The team accumulate 20 years experience within the gaming industry. Each individual comes from a programming and game development background having developed and produced over 250 gambling games for one of the biggest names in the industry (Gala Coral Group). The games created included one the first and most sophisticated online bingo software (at the time) in 2004. Ilovebingo staff also developed hundreds of slot machines, scratch cards, classic casinos, number games, kenos, multi-players card games and more.

Having been involved with technical and successful background, we decided to create a site to share our bingo knowledge to players and professional alike. This was a natural evolution having been so intensively involved in customer and player surveying, researching, programming, designing, illustrating and operating one of the most successful bingo brand.

Our beliefs are that through exhaustive and detailed information, our users can make a sound decision when choosing a bingo, a software, a network or a affiliate program. We have created i-love-bingo.co.uk to share our knowledge and passion about the bingo world but also to provide value for money to bingo players and up -to-date data and news.

We sincerely hope that you will find the advice, information or resource you are looking for on i-love-bingo.co.uk, however should you wish us to cover a particular topic or should one of our article be inaccurate or should you simply wish to participate, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

We wish you the best of luck and whatever you do, please have fun and keep smiling. The world is a better place with a smile.Laughing
i-love-bingo.co.uk Team