Tuesday 6th October 2015

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ReviewGALA BINGO Review Site Review


One of the pioneers of Online Bingo, Gala Bingo still keeps hold of its place at the front of the pack with great software, attractive bonuses and some interesting special Bingo games.

Bingo Bonuses

Gala Bingo offer a £40 sign up bonus, which you qualify for by opening an account and depositing and spending £5 of your own money. This is an impressive 400% deposit match bonus, and should appeal to anyone who doesn’t like starting an account with a scary big deposit.

Gala Bingo’s loyalty scheme is one you may have heard of – Nectar points! A very unusual offering, but a great idea – spend £1 on Bingo with Gala to get 2 Nectar points. You can then go on to redeem your Nectar points online, or even when you’re doing your supermarket shopping. One of the online Nectar benefits you can claim is Gala Bingo Club credit – so you can use your online Bingo spend to fund your Bingo nights out! If you exclusively use your Gala-gained points to claim Gala credit, you will be getting 1% cashback on all of your Bingo spend.

Site and Security

Gala Bingo’s site is very well branded – with their vibrant yellow and blue colour scheme prevalent in most of the site content. The homepage looks great and is nice and easy to navigate: find out more about the Bingo product with the left hand menu and find your way to other parts of the site with the top bar. Although the site does look great, certain areas of it could do with a bit of a refresh – the Games and Slots pages in particular don’t show off the great range on offer to the best effect.

As one of the most established brands in online Bingo (and offline Bingo for that matter!), Gala is a very safe place to play – they are owned by the Gala Coral Group, one of the biggest Gambling companies in Europe.

Signing up to Gala Bingo is easy enough, although not the quickest we’ve found out there. There is an option to link up your offline Gala Bingo Club membership to your account, which is an unusual feature.


Bingo Games and Prizes

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Gala Bingo use their own in-house Bingo software, which is one of the best around. It looks great, is really nicely customised in each Bingo room and is very easy to use. 75 Ball, 80 Ball and 90 Ball are all on offer, as well as Gala TV Bingo, which allows you to play along with Gala’s own TV station by streaming it into your Bingo room – very different!

Their schedule is impressive too, with oodles of Free Bingo running every day of the week, from 9am through to midnight – Gala give out about £10,000 a week in Free Bingo prizes, which is pretty special!

On top of this, they run a bunch of other great game mechanics, like 1tg bingo where everyone in the room with 1 to go when the full house is called wins a consolation prize of £1; and High 5 Bingo where any full house called on a number ending in 5 nets the house winner half of a linked progressive jackpot, with the other half shared around all the other players in the room.


Side Games and Slot Machines

This is an area that Gala do really well in terms of range and sheer number of Games available. You can launch any of the main games from within the Bingo game window, or by visiting the Games or Slots tabs from the homepage. There are also some great mini games which you can play within the Bingo window. Gala have designed a lot of their own games, so you will find great Scratchcards, Slot Machines and Casino Games here that aren’t available anywhere else – well worth a look! You can also use your Gala Bingo account to play on their Live Casino, if you fancy playing Roulette or Blackjack in a live dealer environment

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Gala Bingo is a great Bingo site – with some unique Game specials made possible by their unique software, a great range of side games and bags of Free Bingo, it’s a wonderful place to play. They could do some work on their loyalty bonuses and parts of the site could do with a lick of paint, but all in all this is one of the best Bingo sites around..




Gala Bingo Profile

Gala Bingo
Editor: Our Rating: 5/5 Hearts
Users: User Rating: 5
Bingo Versions: 90 Balls Bingo 75 Available 80 Balls Bingo
Free Games: Gala Bingo
Ticket Prices: Min.: 0.03 , Max.: 0.60
Sign Up Bonus (no deposit required): 0
1st Deposit Bonus: 400%
Re-deposit Bonus: None

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PLAY Gala Bingo >>


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Gala Bingo User Reviews

Cat: Love Gala Bingo User Rating: 5

I started playing on Gala Bingo's site a while ago, probably about 6 months. I've really enjoyed the experience so far, the rooms are nice and the people in the chat are always really friendly. I just play the games which cost less than 10p, but there's still a big selection that I can afford. Had an issue once where I won something like £20 on a slot wheel and then my computer crashed, but the CS team were happy to make sure that my account was credited with the money. 5/5 for Gala Bingo!

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